Evil Eye

Wear for strength and protection:

This beautiful symbol is commonly known all around the world throughout many religions and cultures. For over 5000 years people have surrounded themselves with the Evil Eye to protect themselves from evil spirits and negativity caused from jealousy from others.

You will find the evil eye worn as jewellery and hanging in people’s homes and cars.

This is a beautiful gift to yourself or to bless and protect those you truly admire.


Wear for positivity and energy

When the sun shines above us, it lights up all the beautiful colours around us. Its warmth wraps around us like one giant hug and it makes us feel energised and positive.

At these very moments, happiness washes through us.

This is a great symbol to wear when you need a little lift or as a nice reminder to shine bright.


Wear for individuality and relaxation

Seashells come in all different shapes and sizes, just like us. For this very reason, they are a beautiful reminder that we are all unique and the path we walk is different from others.

As they wash in from the shore they carry the ocean with them, making us feel calm and relaxed whenever we are around them.

A beautiful gift for someone who is creating or finding their own path.


Wear for faith and hope:

A religious symbol to represent Christ and faith in Christianity. Many people wear the cross to show their commitment to their faith and for a sense of comfort and closeness.
When you carry the cross, infinite love surrounds you.


Wear for female empowerment, fertility and enlightenment

A powerful symbol that embodies female empowerment with many meanings.

Having multiple lunar phases, the moon represents change, circle of life and regeneration.In Greek mythology, women wishing to conceive would pray to the moon goddess Selene to help them bring a bundle of joy into our world.

This is a lovely gift for yourself or someone you love to welcome little bub or celebrate women as a whole.

The moon is also a symbol for our soul. It’s reflection onto the deep oceanmirrors our inner deepest being and helps with reflection and adaption.

This is a beautiful way to tell someone you love them “to the moon and back” or to let them know that a piece is always with them as they gaze upon the same moon.


Wear for direction, hope and goodluck

Dating back to many, many years ago stars were used for direction by travellers who ventured through the night. Overtime they have become something we wish upon and are seen as goodluck – especially the shooting kind.

Our lucky stars will help guide us on the right path.

 This is a beautiful gift to tell someone “I count my lucky stars every day for you” or to provide yourself or someone you love with a sense of hope to remain on your desired path.

Moon and Stars

Wear for growth and new beginnings

When we lay our head down at night, we look up towards the moon and stars. It’s here we find ourselves drifting off and dreaming of all the wonderful things we want to fill our life with.

Together the moon and stars are a beautiful reminder to keep on dreamingto make our dreams come true.

Yin Yang

Wear for balance and harmony

The best relationships come from two people from opposite worlds or opinions. As they share their soul and give their heart to one another, they find balance and begin to complement one another. They are exactly where they should be.

 The Yin Yang is an ancient symbol of harmony, reminding us that life is most rewarding when we learn to embrace all it has to offer, including all the ups and downs.

This is a beautiful reminder that everything happens for a reason.

 A perfect gift for your partner to let them know “You are the Yin to my Yang” or for someone who needs reminding that we all have our own destiny.