"I have always wanted to have my own small business creating something special for others that brings them joy"

Hi, Hola! I'm Jessy, the founder of Soul Senti.

Thank you so much for being here and being a part of our journey. We couldn't be happier to share this ride with you and hope to make something magical for you!

Soul Senti is a dream come reality. I have always wanted to have my own small business creating something special for others that brings them joy. When I had my little ray of sunshine, I wanted something special to reflect our new family of three. With something particular in mind, I couldn't find what I was looking for so decided to make my very own family necklace.

I received such beautiful feedback from people who would also love to have something so special. Making these beautiful pieces for people to treasure of their family made my heart sing, and it was then that Soul Senti was born. 

Soul Senti's purpose is to create sentimental gifts for you and your loved ones to treasure. Our goal is to create something magical for you which brings joy into your life.

Reflect upon the moonlight
Dance around the sun
Be guided by the stars
And you will create magic

Our custom made keepsakes are carefully crafted with meaning behind every symbol and gemstone in our designs. And while we’re all about cozy browns, tans, creams and whites around here, your connection to each treasure is what turns our world colourful.

We also love making custom orders which we create lovingly by hand.

How we give back

We understand the importance of coming together to make a positive change in the world, so we have partnered up with i=Change so that with every purchase $1 will go to your chosen charity.

Our impact on the planet is also important to us, and we do our best to be sustainable in all our products and packaging. 

It’s only the beginning

We hope for Soul Senti to one day grow into a tall palm tree with many branches but as we have just planted our seeds, our journey has started with gold filled jewellery.

So, come journey with us. Light up your world and touch the hearts of the people around you with Soul Senti.