Wear to attract good luck, wealth and to bring calmness into your life

They have a beautiful resemblance to the moon giving you a calming effect when worn.

This is a lovely gift for yourself or a loved one for positive life blessings.


Wear for courage, creative energy and abundance.

Birthstone: January
Chakra: Heart
Stone colour: Deep red
Astrology: Leo, virgo, Capricorn and Aquarius

If you are struggling with an emotional imbalance and suffering from emotional trauma, this stone can bring you emotional balance and help with depression, chaos and disruption.


Wear for protection and physical, emotional and mental balance

Birthstone: February
Chakra: Crown
Stone colour: Violet
Astrology: Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Are you in the next chapter of your life which requires some decision making and change?
This stone’s calming influence can help with nerves, oversensitivity, emotional energy and grief.


Wear for protection, communication and focus

Birthstone: March
Chakra: Throat
Stone colour: Aqua
Astrology: Aries, Gemini, Pisces

Protects travellers and makes things happen. Brings you in contact with your inner and higher self and helps you reveal the truth about yourself. It’s also good for the brain and intellect which could be your secret weapon for studying, communication and courage.

Clear Quartz

Wear to feel happier and reenergised

Birthstone: April
Chakra: All
Stone colour:
Astrology: All

A feel better stone that improves your quality of life. It helps make you feel happier and reenergises you in all situations. Focuses the mind, aids meditation and relieves negativity.


Wear for unconditional love and patience

Birthstone: May
Chakra: Heart
Stone colour: Green
Astrology: Aries, Taurus and Gemini

As the stone of inspiration and infinite patience, Emerald promotes friendship, balances relationships as well as domestic bliss, contentment and loyalty.

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Wear for good luck, creativity and protection

Birthstone: June
Chakra: Sacral
Stone colour: White and Pink
Astrology: Cancer, Libra and Scorpio

A magical stone to help you along your journey of new beginnings and change. It will provide you wisdom, intuition and insight. It is a soothing stone that balances the inner self and emotions while releasing energy blocks. Bringing calm, control and balance this stone also helps to bring about a happy home.


Wear for energy and personal power

Birthstone: July
Chakra: Sacral
Stone colour: Orange
Astrology: Taurus, Cancer, Leo

A feel better stone to help with study, memory, speech and the voice – it’s good for live performers. Relieves laziness and apathy and brings vitality, self-esteem, compassion, courage and personal power. Also helps with fear, envy, sorrow or confusion.


Wear for positive mental health and healing

Birthstone: August
Stone colour: Green
Astrology: Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius

A feel better stone that is good for the ego. Helps with laziness, jealousy, and emotional blockages. Breaks patterns and cycles.

Lapis Lazuli

Wear for relaxation and balance

Birthstone: September
Chakra: Brow
Stone colour: Royal blue with gold specs
Astrology: Sagittarius

This feel better stone helps with disorganisation and is good for relationships, dreams, Yin Yang balance and psychic abilities. It brings vitality, wisdom, mental endurance and creative expression.

Pink Tourmaline

Wear to relieve a restless or trouble mind

Birthstone: October
Chakra: All
Stone colour: Pinky purple
Astrology: Libra

This stone is good for laughter therapy with its balance for the inner self, yin yang and self-confidence. Its calming properties help with removing blockages, fear, negativity and worrying too much about what others think. It’s also good for new challenges, awareness and negotiation skills.


Wear for abundance and wealth

Birthstone: November
Chakra: Solar plexus
Stone colour: Shades of golden yellow
Astrology: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra

This money stone brings abundance and wealth and helps to sell houses. It’s good for decision making, learnings, teaching, studying, creativity, problem solving and new beginnings.  It’s also a feel better stone and is good for relationships, self-esteem and getting rid of emotional toxins. It helps with anger and yin yang balance.


Wear for emotional balance and clarity

Birthstone: December
Chakra: Throat
Stone colour: Turquoise with dark specs
Astrology: Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces

This stone will protect you while travelling, whether it’s locally or across the world, and your property. It will keep you safe from accidents. It also lets you see the beauty in everything, offeringthe mental and spiritual clarity you need to forge your own path in life. Also aids suspicious minds and negativity and is good for creative expression, compassion, romance and friendship.