How to give the perfect gift

How to give the perfect gift

Have you ever received a beautiful gift from someone and at the time you loved it but then fast forward to a couple years later and you no longer share that same connection and spark?

More than likely, this is because there was no sentimental value gifted along with it. Maybe this item was passed on to someone else or donated but more times than we like to admit, it gets thrown out, adding more waste into the world.

The dictionary defines sentimental as “of or prompted by feelings of tenderness, sadness or nostalgia.” Giving a gift to someone is the perfect time to be sentimental. You’re hoping to bring joy, love and surprise to someone and including a sentimental value will give you all that and more.

By providing sentiment in your choice of gift you are allowing your loved one to feel a special connection to something and form an attachment. When we feel attached to something we rarely ever let go of it. There are many ways you can make your gift sentimental, here are our top 5.


Top 5 ways to make your gift sentimental

  1. Reflect you and your loved one. It could be a reflection of your favourite place, favourite thing to do together or a cherished memory
  2. Incorporate their favourite things such as colour, style and symbols
  3. Custom made to be one of a kind
  4. Personalise it with their name, initials, special date or quote
  5. Tradition or cultural custom. This could be a certain gift that is traditionally given at certain milestones of someones life. It could be for a Christening, a milestone birthday or you could even create your own tradition such as gifting each child the same gift as they turn a certain age or accomplish something.


Soul Senti takes pride in sentimental gifting as our way to reduce waste in the world and because we also genuinely believe that the perfect gift is one with meaning behind it.

In all of our SS designs, we only use symbols or gemstones that reflect something special. As they all provide a positive reflection we call these our healing powers.

Here are some of our favourite SS treasures and their healing powers, that would make the perfect gift!


  1. La Familia necklace - This is a beautiful, custom made and one of a kind necklace that incorporates the birthstones of your loved ones on a chain. Each birthstone has their own healing powers. Find your birthstone and healing power here. A beautiful gift for a mother, grandmother, partner, best friend, pet lover and siblings.
  2. Seashell collection - Seashells come in all different shapes and sizes just like us. Therefore are a beautiful reminder that we are all unique and walk our own paths. A beautiful gift for someone who is creating or finding their own path.
  3. Birthstone collection - Each birth month is connected to a precious gemstone providing us with spiritual healing and connection. This is a beautiful gift to celebrate a loved ones special day.
  4. Protection collection - A beautiful symbol commonly known around the world as the Evil Eye, used for over 5000 years as a protection symbol. A special gift to bless and protect those who you truly admire.
  5. Pearlfect collection - Pearls have been traditionally gifted as a way of giving positive life blessings. This could be a beautiful gift for someone who is entering a new major chapter in their life such as getting married.

The best part of giving a sentimental gift is there is no right or wrong way to do it. It is a thoughtful and meaningful gesture from you to your loved one that will have a beautiful impact. Our lives are filled with precious moments and memories and to be celebrated through gifts allows these moments and memories to stay with us forever.

Happy gifting! xx

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